Things to do

Rotonda Golf Club

rotonda golf logo

Rotonda Circle is a golfers haven. They esablishment has 5 golf courses or located within the circle, with Pine Walley being the closest course, just 5 minutes around the corner. All information such as how many holes and what tournaments are on are expained in greater detail on Rotonda Golf's website.

Island Jet Ski tours and rentals

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If you want a fun, fitness filled day out, then Island jet ski tours and rentals offers a range of services such as jet skiing, kayaking, and paddleboards which can keep a family or a group of friends. They pride themselves on their sunset tours, which gives people the chance to watch nature as the sun sets.

Kidstar Park

kidstar park logo

If you are with a family and the kids are getting restless, Kidstar Park has enough activities to wear out the most active of children. With both indoor and outdoor activities, families are able to enjoy a day out here whether it is raining or not. No child can turn down a day of Go-Karting, laser questing or a 3-D motion riding.

Places to eat

Zydeco Grille

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Amazing hosting matched with amazing food. Apart from their excellent food such as their barbeque shrimp, they offer nights with live music, offering a majestic, lively atmosphere. They arrange regular events, such as 'acoutsitc blues' which is held on friday nights.

Placida Grill

placida grill logo

Placida Grill is known for its delicious fish dishes and juicy steaks. A little restauraunt with an outstanding menu on offer, dishes such as their 'Hangover' burrito, full eggs, cheese, potatoes and pork will have you coming back for more.

Prime Serious Steak

prime serious steak logo

Port Charlotte is a drive away though the town has countless things to offer. We recommend to go to Prime Serious Steak, which gives away what they serve in the title. If you want to sink your teeth into a big medium rare Porter House steak, then there is place. For those that may fancy something with less blood, they have an extensive menu offering all sorts.

Harpoon Harrys

harpoon harrys logo

Been named as the ‘best waterfront restaurant ‘ and ‘best place to have a beer’, this delightful establishment looks out on to the sea, and offers great food, great service and great entertainment. As you probably guessed by the name, it serves sea food such as your typical crab cakes and fried shrimp, but one dish that sticks out from the rest is their coconut shrimp!